Single membrane roofing systems

D Trotter Group Contracting Inc. provides environmentally friendly single membrane roofing systems for commercial and residential building owners that offer advanced energy savings technology along with quality protection and durability.

Cost effective thermoplastic roof coverings

Single membrane roofing (WMR) is a single-ply roofing fixture that can be installed over your existing roof and provide superior solar reflectivity and exceptional energy savings by helping to cool buildings during summer and retain heat during the winter months. This thermoplastic white composite covering is lightweight, easy to install on any surface, virtually leak proof and highly durable.

Keeping the whole planet cool

Most of the sunlight that falls on a white roof is reflected and shifted back into the atmosphere. Conversely, sunlight is absorbed by a building when it falls on a dark roof and converts to heat that is not dispersed back into the atmosphere but actually absorbed by greenhouse gases. Quite simply, white roofs help cool the planet over time, while dark roofs contribute to global warming.

D Trotter Group Contracting Inc. Single membrane roof covering can reflect up to 90% of the sun’s rays and release a significant amount of solar heat that would otherwise place a strain on cooling systems and increase energy costs. In comparison to asphalt roofing that reflects a much lower percentage of solar heat, single membrane roofing is cost effective and recognized as an environmentally sustainable option that helps lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Roof specialists are available to assist you

D Trotter Group Contracting Inc. roofing experts are available to inspect your existing roof and answer any questions to assist you in finding the right roof for your particular needs. For further information on ecological single membrane roofing systems call (903) 352-6641